Our contribution to #badgelife (may contain fleas)

Badge info:

This year we designed our own contribution to the #badgelife scene. Its name is WrenchFox and it’s made in the spirit of DCFurs 2018 theme of Watch_Dogs.

This electronic PCB badge is a sexy 120x115 mm badge with an LED matrix, a few easter eggs (hardware and software), python scripting, and it’s compatible with the #badgelife shitty add-on interface. The badge software will be released publicly on GitHub after DEF CON. This badge does not get you into DEF CON — you should get their badge as well if you want to attend DEF CON. You will need our badge to get in our DCFurs Suite during non-public events.

Updates will be posted here as we get closer to DEF CON.

Teaser 0

Teaser 1

Teaser 2

Teaser 3

Where the money goes:

DCFurs is using the money raised by these badges to make them, put on our event at DEF CON, and raise money to donate to this year's charity, The Gay and Lesbian Community Center of Southern Nevada.

We operate as a California Non-Profit organization, and are pending 501c3 status. Donations are tax-deductible upon approval of 501c3 status, but badge or other merchandise purchases are not. None of the money we collect goes to any individuals or the organizers as income.

How to get a badge:

The pricing is shown below. Click "Order Now" below to add your email address to the waitlist.

Once we have posted the working prototypes we will email people in the order they got in line with information on how to place an order and pay. We will be using Stripe to take payments, so we will not handle your card info.

We only collect your email to contact you about your order and collect shipping information if applicable.

Online orders are non-refundable unless we are unable to order the production run. If you want to give your badge to someone else or can’t make the con and want it shipped you can email us about it.

Badges will be available for pickup in the DCFurs Suite during DEF CON Thursday through Sunday. Anything that is mailed will be sent the week following DEF CON.

Backer prices:

Special: We are selling 40 Official DEF CON badges that can be picked up with our badge (no shipping).

  • Anarchist
  • $200 (limit 20)
  • Sponsor Backer Level
  • For super backing our project you will receive a badge and your special custom message animated by us. We are only customizing these for you 20 and ourselves, no one else!
  • Includes Full Badge and DCFurs Suite access
  • Pick up at DEF CON or get it shipped after Aug 14 2018
  • Pre-Orders Have Ended
  • Menace
  • $75
  • Basic Backer Level
  • Get yourself our awesome badge and blind all the others with your glorious stunner shades. These will be hard to find at DEF CON so take advantage of the presale!
  • Includes Full Badge and DCFurs Suite access
  • Pick up at DEF CON or get it shipped after Aug 14 2018
  • Pre-Orders Have Ended
  • Citizen
  • $20 (No Parts on PCB)
  • Suite Pass
  • This is a basic pass to our DCFurs Suite. It does not work or light up but still has all the design and traces if you want to get the parts on your own.
  • Includes PCB ONLY Badge and DCFurs Suite access
  • Pick up at DEF CON only
  • Pre-Orders Have Ended